Zoe and Beans: Pirate Treasure Book & Activity

We recently took part in our first Love Books Summer Exchange.

We swapped a book and activity with The Gingerbread House (you can read all about the book and activity that we sent to them on their blog here), and were delighted to receive…

zoe and beans pirate treasure

Zoe and Beans: Pirate Treasure by Chloe and Mick Inkpen

A seaside adventure from Zoe and Beans!
The sun is out so Zoe and Beans and best friend Oscar are off on a trip to the seaside. They’ve got buckets and spades and they’re ready to search for buried pirate treasure! But digging is hard work and treasure is hard to find. It looks like it’s up to clever Beans to sniff some out…

We have several Mick Inkpen books and really enjoy them, and have just recently discovered Zoe and Beans on a library visit, so this was a great choice book for us. This book is full of lovely illustrations, with funny little details on each page and a sweet tale, with the mystery being solved by good old Beans!

Both Boo and Little Man enjoyed the story, so then with Little Man tucked up for naptime, Boo and I embarked on the crafting activity. This was our box of goodies..

treasure chest activity

So first task was painting the treasure chest…(well, actually, the very first task was eating the chocolate coins, apparently!)..

treasure chestThen we made some flags with cocktail sticks and washi tape…

treasure chest activity 1

We then screwed up bits of the tin foil to make silver nuggets, a silver necklace and use some as flag bases. When the chest had all dried out, we had our bounty!

treasure chest activity 2

We thoroughly enjoyed doing this, and it was fun to do a little crafting related to the book we’d been reading, too. This, along with thinking up the activity that I sent off to The Gingerbread House, has inspired me to do this more often. I’ll make it my mission to tie in a book with an activity every month now, and I’ll blog it here to keep me on track!

What do you think? Do you do this with your kids?

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14 thoughts on “Zoe and Beans: Pirate Treasure Book & Activity”

  1. Loving that your daughter ate the coins first, I would have done exactly the same. Good thing she had some extra treasures to put in her box. Washi tape flags are great aren’t they, so simple and perfect for fairy cake toppers too. I don’t think we have read any books in this series yet, I will have to keep an eye out for some. Crafts inspired by books are brilliant, really helps them to feel more involved with the book, will look forward to getting some inspiration from your future posts on the subject. #letkidsbekids

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      I loved doing this, and thinking up the activity to send, too. I’ll be posting about a new one soon 🙂

  2. Such a great idea to read a book then follow it up with an activity based around the book. That does look like fun. My kids would like playing with that treasure chest.
    Thanks for linking #letKidsBeKids

  3. This activity is so much fun and I think we will do this here at home I will help him as well.. its not just fun for kids but adults as well =P Goodluck with your plan to do activities thats connected with books. It sounds good =) #LetKidsBeKids

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