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When I was growing up, I loved going to the local children’s library with my mum and brother. Whether it be for a story time session, or to choose our books, it always evokes a happy childhood memory. When Boo was born, I imagined similar trips, and then a few months after her birth, the library had to close due to asbestos problems. It was closed for nearly 3 years! Don’t worry, there is another library close to us that we’ve been using in the meantime, which is lovely, though not the one of my childhood, so just not as good…!

libMy library re-opened recently, and I decided to take Boo and Little Man there this week. It was their first trip there, and it was Little Man’s first where he was out of the pushchair and allowed free reign! He has his own library card, too, so they both chose their books (I may have helped Little Man with his selections a little..;-))

libcowThe area is nice and bright, and we went just after a preschool story-time session, so there were no longer many people there. Boo settled into it all straight away, picking up books and taking a little seat to peruse them. And after she’d chosen a few, she had to take a turn on the cuddly toys, too.

As you’d expect, for Little Man it was about freedom to clamber, though he did pause to look at a few books.


It was gratifying to see them happy surrounded by books, and I know it was a little trip out that they both enjoyed, which didn’t cost me a penny. I talked about how important I feel it is for parents to make time for reading to their children a few days ago. A library visit is such a simple thing, but one that every single family can do. It’s free, and many libraries will operate story-time sessions and summer reading challenges for children to get involved in, again, entirely free.

For us, I’m sure this was the first of many hours we’ll spend there and I’m pleased to have captured this first for them on camera.

I’d be interested to know, what’s your local library like?

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4 thoughts on “Visit to the New Library”

  1. I have a little post about the library scheduled for Monday. We are actually due to have a new Library next year as part of our town development. Can’t wait, especially if it looks like yours! The one we have is fine, lots of room to sit and read with kids but could certainly do with being more modern.

    1. Yes, it is nice and bright in there and lots of fun for them. I’ll look out for your post on Monday then 🙂

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