The Benefits Of Having A TBR Pile

A few weeks ago I shared my TBR pile. This was actually a new thing for me, and I thought that by sharing it, it might encourage me to try it. And it did! Which means that today I want to share with you how I got on with it and my thoughts on the benefits of having a TBR pile.

When I put my spring TBR pile together last month, I really wasn’t sure how I’d get on with it, as I shared in that video.

I very rarely bother with a TBR pile, much less stick to one.

It’s not that I don’t usually have any books ready to read after my current read. It’s quite the opposite, I have huge amounts of books to read after my current read!

In reality, I have a TBR bookcase. There are dozens upon dozens of books there that I have yet to read, and I add to it regularly, as us book lovers are prone to do.

Whenever I finish a book, I browse my shelves for my next read, choosing from the many books available to me.

For a change, I decided to try creating a TBR pile, an actual pile rather than a shelf, of a dozen or so books that I wanted to read next. 

For me, it needed to be a fair few books like this in order for me to stick with this.

I still like to choose books based on my mood in that moment, so I wanted a good selection available to me, rather than just picking my next 2-3 reads. 

Obviously as I neared the end of the pile, there was only one or two to choose from, but I was comfortable with it by then and it had worked well for me.

I’ve been happy with it. I am still reading through it, though I am right near the end now so it’s timed well too. 

These are the benefits I’ve noticed from doing it….

I don’t run out of books

Now, this is not a risk for me. At all. And I doubt it ever will be!

But for those of you who don’t acquire books at a ridiculous rate, this would be my first top benefit for having a TBR pile.

When you’re in the mood to read, I can imagine there’s nothing worse than having nothing at hand to read. Get a TBR pile and keep it topped up.

bookshelves and plant

I enjoyed putting it together

I enjoyed the process of choosing books to put on my pile.

It gave me a chance to peruse my shelves, read a few blurbs and remind myself of what I have waiting to be read. 

It was good to choose a variety of genres and pick out what I would try next. 

I’m already looking forward to selecting my summer pile. 

I was keen to read more

I felt under no pressure to get through the pile, and yet somehow, I was keen to read more and get through it.

Perhaps because I had taken the time to select a few books and I knew what I had waiting for me, it spurred me on.

I read some books I don’t think I would have read yet as I deliberately put a couple of books on the pile that I don’t think I’d have gravitated towards when choosing one book at a time.

By putting them on my pile in amongst others, I read them and of course, enjoyed them.

It ensured I changed up my genres

I am a firm believer in changing up your reading genres regularly. 

I like to read a wide variety of books and have a good selection on my shelves, so when I put my pile together I made sure it included a good mix of genres to ensure I kept shifting them with each read. 

It took less time to choose my next book

Of course it did! I was choosing my next book from a few on a pile, rather than shelves and shelves of books. 

I am now a TBR pile convert. It’s only taken me a few decades to get there. 

I realise this is far from a fresh concept! TBR piles are normal, but I wanted to share these benefits with you, for those of you who are like me and just have a raft of books to select from every time. 

I am going to stick with this method. I’ll keep working on it by season for now, as this gives me a good sized pile and therefore a good sized selection.

It also means I don’t feel like I’ve really got a ‘target’ to read a certain number of books in a smaller time frame, such as a month. I don’t like reading targets, I read when I feel like it.

Ah, the fun of changing up your reading habits. I’ve enjoyed it!

Do you have a TBR pile?

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