5 Steps for a One-Day Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Having recently given our kitchen a makeover, I was itching to do so with our bathroom, too. We had a new bathroom put in a few years ago, and when we chose it, we deliberately selected neutral colours so that when the time came to freshen it up, we could do so with a few simple changes. Well, that time had come.

I still like the room, the bath, the tiles and so on, it had just started to look tired, as it would do after a few years use. But we didn’t have much money to do it, so we prioritised a few things that we thought would make the biggest changes, and it turns out that by doing these things, I am again loving our bathroom….

5 Steps for a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Here are my 5 steps for a one-day bathroom makeover on a budget:

1. Flooring

This first one’s the most expensive thing that we did, and that’s put new flooring in. It was the most costly, but of course it also made the biggest difference as it really changed the look of the room. We’d had black in there before, so by changing it to light grey, it immediately made the space feel lighter and fresher.

2. Storage

I don’t know about you, but I’m a tad obsessed with storage, and it’s no different in my bathroom. So whether it be a bathroom cabinet, boxes, drawers or a door hanger, freshening up your bathroom storage will not only make a difference aesthetically, but also practically. As I bought new drawers, I then took the time to clear out the old ones, which meant I found things I hadn’t realised I had, and got rid of any unwanted items. And I know we may be odd like this, being a home with two small kids, but we’re not keen on having loads of bath toys out, so we have a little black plastic box behind the door that houses them all. The children don’t mind, and it means we still feel tidy in there.

3. Refresh

Over a few years, mould and grime around the bath and shower had built up, which I hated. So this was probably the cheapest thing we changed, yet it has brought me the most satisfaction. The Husband resealed around the bath and shower, so getting rid of the speckled and greying old sealant, replacing it with a clean, bright, white. I also bought a new shower door seal, as I couldn’t get into the old one to clean it properly. It all looks brand new again now, and these two items together cost me less than a tenner.

4. Accessorize

As I mentioned and you can see, the room is white and grey, allowing us to change the accessories to give it a new look. We bought a new set of towels and bath mat, bright yellow which always puts me in a good mood, and in that one purchase, it felt like we had a whole new room. Accent colours like this can make it all feel very different. You might also go for new lighting here, which can make a real difference.

5. Paint

We glossed the woodwork again, as it was in need of a lift, which again made it all feel brighter. You may go for painting all of the walls, which would give it a totally new feel, or perhaps just a splash of colour on one wall. That’s a fun way to add an accent colour, too.

What do you think? What tips would you add?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions remain my own

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