Bring Back Paper Memberships

If You Love A Papery Swap, This Is For You!

Today I want to share a little more about our most popular #BringBackPaper memberships.

If you’ve not seen these before, you can find out more about papery memberships here, with details of the various different options available. 

All of these memberships are offered and run over on Patreon, and you can take a look there at the tiers and all that they include.

Bring Back Paper Memberships

I’d like to chat more about our popular Tier 2 option, as I’m sure it’s popular for a reason!

This membership gives you access to everything on offer, simply without the addition of any sort of mail from me. The two tiers above this do have that option and as I write this are currently sold out.

What do Tier 2 Memberships include?

Every single month, there will be new downloads available for you to use as you choose.

These vary all the time, but to give you an idea, the ones I have just designed ready for everyone in April include – writing paper (lined and blank sheets), a poster, and a book-themed phone wallpaper. All are downloads so you can access everything immediately. Last month there was writing paper, a poster and some spring themed printables. You’ll have a never-ending range of writing paper to use! 

We have an ongoing pen pal sign up across every membership tier, so you’re welcome to input your details to the database so I can look and match people up as pen pals.

There are the swaps, and these are a big part of the appeal and the fun.

Just as I run the swaps on the blog monthly (which of course Patreon members can still join in, and many of them do) I run them over on Patreon. But these are more specific and more themed. 

For example, we’re running a literary themed swap now, last month it was a Valentine swap, we’ve had sticker stash swaps, nature themed swaps, seasonal swaps, Secret Santa, you get the idea!

There is then the option to vote in the polls to decide on the swaps every month, entry into the lucky dip to receive mail from me, a 20% discount to my Etsy store, sneak peeks and so on.

Can I Join If I’m Outside The UK?

I do get this question, as I’m UK based and the prices I put up are in Pounds. 

The answer is absolutely YES!

All of the benefits are downloads, can be accessed online, and if the mailing options become available again, I mail internationally. 

In fact, the vast majority of our current Patreon members are outside the UK, most of them living in the US.

Would Tier 2 Membership Be For Me?

If you enjoy papery swaps and activities, then without a doubt, yes!

You can opt in to these each month, there is no requirement that you have to do them.

You just pick and choose the swaps you like the look of, or have time for that month, and comment on the post announcing the activity to let me know you want in. That’s it, no hassle, I’ll arrange it for you and you’ll get an email usually around the third week of the month with the details. 

You’ll get to receive all of those downloads, and there are loads there now as a back catalogue, and then you have all of these extra perks. 

It’s a fun way to support Bring Back Paper and indulge in your favourite hobby and way to relax. A little treat for yourself every month. 

How do I join?

Just pop over to Patreon, choose Tier 2, and go for either a monthly or annual membership.

You can cancel at any time, and annual memberships give you a discounted price over the monthly option.

It’s as easy as that. You’ll be able to see all of the posts and content then and can start taking part (just bear in mind you might have missed the joining in deadline for that month’s swap, but you’ll be all set for next month’s!). 

If you’ve any questions, feel free to ask.

It would be lovely to see you over there, and I’m giving a little wave to all of our wonderful existing Patreon members too, they’re a great community. 

What do you think? Could this be for you?


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