Word of the Week 4/5/18

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My word of the week this week is:

My head is all over the place this week, leaving me feeling a tad befuddled.

I think the biggest thing that has thrown me has been my days being all over the place.

On Saturday the Husband took the kids out for a few hours so that I could study, which was great and made a huge difference as I was able to get my work to a point that I was happy to leave it for a while. But as I had the day to myself studying, it didn’t feel like a Saturday. Then our Sunday plans differed to what we usually do, which though they were lovely, threw me more. The Husband then had Monday off which never happens, as we went to see the new Avengers Infinity War film (loved it!). Then yesterday the kids were off school as their school was closed for voting. The week has been all over the place!

I have then had a few too many thoughts spinning round in my mind, from the two End of Module Assessments that I am completing to arrangements about the new car and our old car to blog work I need to get scheduled in to holiday plans (just over two weeks to go now!) to some bathroom renovations we’re now planning to a few longer term ideas, which I shared on the blog on Monday.

With my days all over the place and next week looking similar with the bank holiday and a few appointments booked in, then too many thoughts whirling around, I fear the befuddlement is set to continue! I am hoping for it to clear soon….

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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14 thoughts on “Word of the Week 4/5/18”

  1. Befuddled… I like that word & definitely don’t use it enough. Not the best of feelings though eh. When the week doesn’t run the norm, it so easily throws you, doesn’t it?! Wishing you & your family a lovely weekend.

  2. I have been a day behind all week so I can sympathise. It sounds like life is crazy busy for you at the moment. I can’t believe it’s only two weeks until your Disney trip, exciting ! Have a great weekend x

    1. I know, it’s coming round so fast now! I feel I may have taken too much on all at once, but hey ho, I’ll sort it! x

  3. Befuddled is such a good word. Having days all over the place can definitely make you feel that way. Good luck with your End of Module assessments and how exciting to be on the final countdown to your holiday. Thanks for hosting #WotW

  4. I think that I feel befuddled most of the time, it’s so hard when you have so much going on and then the days get mixed up with missed school days and holidays. I hope you are able to get yourself sorted soon. maybe write a check list and tick everything off as done (I am thinking you probably do this anyway!)
    How exciting to be so close to your holiday, I’m sure it will be fantastic. I’m thinking you may need a holiday to recover when you get home though 🙂
    Thanks for hosting x

    1. Ha ha, you know me so well – of course I have lists!I think you might be right about that holiday after the holiday, I’ll certainly be taking it easy that first week home! x

  5. I think I would have been a bit befuddled too….
    My fella is trying to get me to go and see the Avengers Infinity War film but he wouldn’t go and see The Greatest Showman with me so I’m doing the same to him. hahaha x

  6. It doesn’t take much before my week goes off the rails, so I completely understand. You have lots of good things to deal with and look forward to. I can imagine you all counting down the days to your holiday. Not long now.

  7. II feel exactly the same like there is far too much swimming around in my mind and I need a bit of down time to chill and clear my mind. I hope the week ahead is less befuddled but Bank Holiday have a knack of exacerbating these things x

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